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Read Legendary Superteam (pages 28-30).  It says it all.

Pictured above …. Bobby Wolff, Jim Jacoby, Ira Corn, Bob Hamman, Mike Lawrence (top row); Billy Eisenberg, Bobby Goldman, Coach Joe Musumeci (bottom row).

After a Four Month Interlude…

due to many distractions on the home front .. I am back in action. Many distasteful happenings over that course of time on the bridge scene .. hard to decide where to begin. But, let me start at the top:

The World Bridge Federation (WBF). Despite unending investigations, research, documented hand records, auctions, leads, etc. by several qualified, investigating individuals illustrating beyond a doubt 100% proof of illicit signals that a certain country (obvious to all) had been CHEATING for eons and eons, they (headed by WBF Chairman, Mr. Rona) have turned deaf ears and blind eyes as if it had never happened .. starting at the prodding of Italy’s early captain, Carl Albert Perroux about sixty-five years ago. His way or the highway! And .. they continued on that road (‘helping partner’) all that time .. undaunted and unstopped. Sad!

If this continues, you can kiss our once-majestic game farewell .. as it has become a total farce and is on the way to oblivion.

NOTHING COMPARES TO THE ABOVE DECEIT .. but attention need be directed to other areas:

  1. On line bridge sites are wonderful opportunities for those with time on their hands to pass the time of day, make social contact with others, voice their views and vent their spleen. I am distressed by much gobbledegook from less than expert players who voice their opinions as tried and true experts. Perhaps being married to two world class legends, I have learned my place.
  2. Manners at the bridge (especially duplicate) table aggravates me when the opponents either gloat at a good result or talk as if your partnership was not present. However, I suppose I am guilty of adding to the despicable chatter by reprimanding their open glee. Takes two to tango.
  3. Going along with the above is when the opponents start giving lessons. No thank you. I have a much better source than the alleged ‘teacher’ (and the price is right).
  4. Something else that bugs me .. an opponent taking advantage of partner’s huddle (and passing) in a non-forcing auction .. then balancing with some sort of protection .. knowing ‘your partner has something!’ It happens quite often. In fact, we had an auction some months ago, where I opened a weak 1NT (12-14) P 2H (up to 11) substantial HUDDLE AND PASS followed by my pass. Then with 11 points and a broken 5 card club suit, balancer bid 3C and the auction eventually ended in 3NT making. The Huddler had 14 points. Imagine that! The director was called but the scaredy-cat numbskull (now retired, thank heavens) allowed the result. Nauseating.

I’m just starting .. but let me hear some of your gripes!!

Finally … “Under The Table”

After several years of investigation (and research together with some of the world’s most knowledgeable bridge aficionados), Avon Wilsmore is about to release a long-awaited saga which describes in detail cheating by the world’s most successful bridge team (winning fourteen world championships).

On September 12th I posted on my site “A Long Overdue Epic” which gives you specific details of its ‘coming out’ party… during the World Championship in Orlando, Florida which will be in session this time next week. It includes the Publisher, Distributor and Price.

I am curious as to the reaction of the Orlando attendees, a few of whom were victims of the old notorious Blue Team. However, the present and recent Italian Team, after ridding themselves of a convicted Italian pair, are far and away unlike their predecessors!

I have a vested interest that the truth finally be told via “suspect” leads, underleads, passes, bids, overbids, underbids, balancing and passing when it “just happens” to turn out right. I caught a glimpse of some of the hands cited and at times I gaped in shock and Bobby would hear me yelp: “YOU MUST BE KIDDING!” To guess right sooooo many times is beyond the stretch of even a psychic’s imagination! JUST YOU WAIT.

As many of you may know, I was/am the wife of two of the Blue Team’s victims: The late Norman Kay and, of course, Bobby. You can well understand my appreciation of Avon’s unbelievable efforts to present UNDER THE TABLE to many dubious or naive bridge lovers.


(1) Weak NT (12-14)
(2) Natural (could be as much as 10 points)
(3) A huddle of about 20 seconds

You are West, holding:


What are your options????


Sometime during the 2018 World Bridge Championship in Orlando, Florida… a 400 page detailed accounting of horrific bridge cheating will be released by Australian Avon Wilsmore; published by Hamman and Associates, LLC, and will be available through Baron Barclay ($24.95). It is entitled UNDER THE TABLE (The Case Against the Blue Team).

I take great personal satisfaction that the entire bridge population will finally be apprised (via incredible detailing) of the egregious illegal methods of several cheaters disgustingly disadvantaging their opponents for well over half a century!!!

I happen to be the wife of two of their victims: The late Norman Kay and presently Bobby Wolff.

Justice is finally on the horizon!


Awaiting finalized information for the November 5th-9th GLITTER GULCH SECTIONAL at the popular PLAZA HOTEL in downtown Las Vegas. A variety of events (several new ones) will be available. Great rates and terrific eateries as usual and … free.  For Plaza residents, check in at South Tower for convenience.     HERE IT IS .. in living color.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation


I have been bogged down these last couple months with various projects (mostly good) .. and was engrossed going over my rough drafts for this site when the doorbell rang.  I could see through the glass window it was a young man with a vase of flowers.  My curiosity got the best of me as my birthday had just passed .. and when I greeted the flower boy, he inquired:   Is this the Tyson Residence?  He looked puzzled when I nodded negatively .. then asked:  “Aren’t you having a funeral here today?”   “Not that I know of, but thank you anyway.” 

You think funny conversations take place only at the bridge table (and believe me, after over six decades I could testify to that) .. but this was a ‘first for me’ and I couldn’t resist!!!!!

A bad week for the World of Bridge

I was saddened to learn of John Sutherlin‘s passing a few days ago.  Some of my most pleasurable moments spent in Dallas when Bobby and I were first wed were having a few dinners with Peggy and John.  He was one of the most popular and respected representatives of our game.

And .. moments ago I learned about the death of one of Norman and Edgar’s closest teammates ..  Eric Murray (partnered by Sami  Kehela) .. Canada’s Great Warriors.  For nearly thirty years after the evening  sessions, as a ritual, we would gather in Edgar’s suite for delicious snacks and wine accompanied by interesting, candid discussions after the final board .. with lots of laughs .. but NEVER an unkind word!


A Game — Second to None!!!!

The video you are about to enjoy was emailed to us by Brazilian Bridge Champion, Gabriel Chagas, longtime friend of Bobby’s, Edgar’s… and now my Internet buddy as well. It speaks for itself!!



The Wolves arrived at the Las Vegas Sectional late Sunday and after grabbing a bite and succumbing to our BJ craving for a bit .. requested our luggage be sent to the room. I immediately set up our Laptop and iPad (God-Forbid we could survive five days without them) and after unpacking .. settled in for a much needed snooze! 

We played with marvelous teammates, Dennis Scholl and David Lim in the Monday/ Tuesday Knockout .. and after a delightful ending .. retired to a luscious dinner at Oscar’s before hitting the hay. We had only arrived forty-eight hours prior though it felt like an eternity. The only consolation for octogenarians is .. their alternative is unquestionably worse (and usually occurs sooner).   We finished somewhere in the middle Wednesday in a relatively small field.

Our Thursday/Friday teammates were Bobby’s long time friend, COLBY VERNAY from Illinois and his local partner, GEORGE MATTOS.  It was delightful to see Colby again after a few years and meet his charmingly entertaining partner. By some miracle, our quartet won both Stratified Team Games on Thursday though I was continuing to drag my weary bones from table to table (reminiscent of the ancient song “The Old Gray Mare”).

However, this shaggy dog story IS NOT about OUR three wins .. but my confession .. had I played better on Friday .. COLBY and GEORGE WOULD HAVE SWEPT THE ENTIRE LV SECTIONAL (as they already had FOUR WINS) .. BUT by Friday I was bleary eyed. It was a great learning experience for me (especially at the end of a tournament) to accept the realization that a much needed good third pair is necessary!

Hats off to very well deserving teammates for an incredible showing)!!!!!