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The Upcoming Las Vegas Regional Crisis

Word has reached my ears that The Las Vegas Bridge Unit has been rattled by countless complaints received regarding the Schedule of the June Regional Tournament being held June 6-12 at Bally’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Exciting Unit 373 Progress with our “Newbies”

The 299er Silver Point Sectional was held on April 6 and 7th, 2016

  9:30 Pairs 13 Tables Jane Rubin spoke on Etiquette, Ethics & Rules
  2:00 Pairs 11 Tables Bruce Rubin gave lesson on Opening Leads
  10:00 Swiss 12 Teams Angie Clark spoke on Swiss Teams
      Eric Bell spoke on At the Table with the Director


  • Flyers on Unit and ACBL websites as well as District 17 Scorecard
  • Flyers handed out to each I/N at the February Sectional
  • Emails sent to all I/Ns with flyer
  • Presentations made at several clubs and flyers distributed
  • Personal calls to over 160 I/Ns telling them about:
        The I/N tournament
        The Unit website
        The Regional at Bally’s in June
  • Marketing for Clubs:
        Flyers out for Henderson games and Supervised LV Bridge World game.
        Announced Spring Mountain Swiss Team night and I/N lessons and games

Thank You to:

  • The Unit 373 Board for approving this tournament.
  • Bob LaFleur for securing the sanction and giving opening remarks.
  • Ed Matulis for finding free site, hauling the tables and supplies, and doing partnerships
  • The YMCA for giving us the space for free
  • Bert & Judy Kulic for proofing and posting the flyer and providing a list of all 299ers
  • Kitty Cooper for running a free ad in the District 17 Scorecard
  • Jane Rubin and Bob Woodward for directing for free
  • Eric Bell for providing the computer, printer and giving a lesson, and totally supporting
  • Bruce Rubin for giving a lesson
  • Liz Hamilton for promoting it at Atria Seville and donating books as prizes
  • Peg Cundiff for supporting it and sending many players from her Sun City games
  • Bridge World for distributing flyers at their club and Karen Kimes for promoting on Sun.
  • Gordon Fast and Judi Weissinger for their ideas and support
  • Faith Frank for being our guaranteed partner
  • All players who talked with and encouraged the 299ers to participate in this event.
  • And All the 299ers who played and supported the tournament.

We had 5 players join the ACBL! Fun was had by all.

…and a huge show of appreciation to our Tournament Chairman, Angie Clark, for making it all possible!!!!!

And… here are the total results:

  Entry Fees
    9:30 Pairs    $520.00 – 1 free play $510.00
  2:00 Pairs    $440.00 – 2 free plays $420.00  
  TOTAL RECEIPTS + $930.00  
  Swiss Teams $0.00  
  Directors $0.00  
  ACBL Sanction Fees (36 tables @
$2.01 per player
  Board Duplication (2 sets) $30.00  
  Food Expense  
    2 breakfasts/2 lunches (60 people each day) $488.91  
  Miscellaneous Expenses (white board, plates, cups, coffee, name tags, etc) $98.79  
  TOTAL COSTS – $690.06  
  NET PROFIT + $239.94

Bridge Winners

I was saddened and shocked to read the following on my BW site.  More to follow! Read the rest of this entry »


March is National Kidney Month and the popular Las Vegas Bridge World (Flamingo and Lindell)  is honoring the occasion on Thursday, March 24th with lunch provided at 11:45 with the game to follow.   It is called “Gift of Life Celebration” and we have two very special honorees:   BRUCE RUBIN celebrates the 20th anniversary of his kidney and pancreas transplant and HAROLD LILIE celebrates the three month anniversary of his kidney transplant.  Bobby and I hope many of our localites will be joining us!


The Spring Nationals in Reno are winding down today and although Bobby and I have attended very few nationals in recent years, the Vanderbilt Cup always held a special place in my heart because of both Norman’s and Bobby’s beautiful mementos that adorn our trophy case.  And, despite our recent absence from these prestigious events, we have both derived enormous pleasure watching Fred Gitelman’s unequalled impact on the world of bridge ..  the innovation referred to endearingly as BBO — Bridge Base on Line.  Because of his creative genius, we are able to view the live action of the contestants and in a few moments the last half of this fairly close match between two teams in the Vanderbilt will begin:  LaVazza v. Cayne.  Incidentally, I noticed on my computer screen at one time today over 20,000 bridge lovers from all over the world were watching BBO .. mostly in the comfort of their homes .. and lest we forget the thousands and thousands of players who play and practice on BBO on a daily basis.

Thank you, Fred.  I, for one, am so appreciative of your ingenious contribution to our wonderful game.

Pet Peeves

Regardless how much you think you have it ‘all together,’ we all tend to take note of certain habits or idiosyncrasies of others that annoy us. It happens in your every day life as well as at the bridge table. Read the rest of this entry »

To Be or Not To Be????????????

Over six months have passed since young, respected world class Norwegian expert Boye Brogeland introduced the ugly subject of international cheating at the highest levels; and it seems we are no closer to extinguishing the fire (other than the self-proclaimed confession of the German pair). They got a mild sentence from their own organization — four years barred (with two years of probation) — but never to play together again. They are the least known of the pairs.
However, three other extremely high profile celebrated world renown ‘winning pairs’ were allegedly accused of cheating and the ‘powers that be’ (whomever claims that responsibility) have been very lethargic in resolving the problems .. with postponements of meetings at both the Denver and Reno Nationals. I suppose we may have to wait until the Washington Summer Nationals (four months off). Though the entire bridge world is anxious to have the attacks resolved one way or another .. drawing attention away from the alleged despicable actions was not to be. In the minds of many, it will cause universal humiliation and embarrassment to not only the individuals .. but their native countries as well. It is obvious they are postponing the inevitable as long as they can.
My own gut feeling (and that of many knowledgeable bridge personalities) is the reasons behind the obvious stalling tactics are: Nationalism, Cronyism and Political Alliances. Nobody wants their nation to be the deserved targets of universal shame. However, the longer it drags on, the worse it is for the game!!

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel for using their lovely melodic contribution as an intro, but I cannot help reflect upon the gradually deflating excitement, pleasure and convenience of our once-favorite pastime. I savor the memories of my early introduction to our unique and exhilarating game itself and all the marvelous people with whom I have crossed paths. However, as with most good things, they eventually come to an end … and recent happenings, as gloomy as they sound, point in that direction unless we can do an immediate About Face .. which is no easy chore.

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of bridge is the recent (though long ongoing) discovery and investigation of cheating .. especially at the highest of levels .. in world competition. Research into the insidious happenings initiated by Boye Brogeland, Kit Woolsey and many other concerned, outraged and dedicated bridge lovers has unraveled previous efforts to expose same, via videos, monitoring, etc. which is in the process of turning this into a reality. Although one pair has officially confessed, the other accused parties’ fates are awaiting hearings .. to adjudicate innocence, punishment or compromised penalties .. at the hands of specially appointed committees. Obviously the shame involved can be earth shattering for our once majestic game, but regardless of the consequences, cheating in any form MUST BE STOPPED! Nationalism and politics are very much involved, but nothing should interfere with halting its continuation AT ANY COST.

On the lighter side, we too, here in the states, are having our own problems .. mainly because of our nation’s downtrodden economy. As I have alluded to before, it has taken its toll on Las Vegas tournaments which have been bearing the brunt of the situation over the last several years. This weekend’s Sectional was proof positive!. Because of earlier contractual commitments made by officials of our Unit with Strip Hotels (which are centrally located for most players), we got locked into contracts we were unable to fulfill (falling far short of room commitments), therefore placing us in great financial jeopardy. As a result, for the last two outings we were forced to travel to a substantially more affordable (but less convenient) locale in Henderson (The Boy Scout Site) which (even by super highways traveling in daylight and returning at night) takes about half an hour and is over twenty miles away from our location (and many attendees are from our area). Some prefer to avoid the fast lane and travel through the more heavily traversed areas which takes close to forty-five minutes or more and from the last two tournaments (with substantially fewer in attendance), it was obvious the site (though super in many ways) was a deterrent. Those at the helm did the best they could — supplied many goodies and were quite accommodating — but travel time discouraged many regulars from attending.

As described earlier, the huge, well lit room had plenty of empty tables. It looked more like a large duplicate with two sections. There were pair games and teams, but the Monday/Tuesday Teams (and I don’t know about other days) proved to be a total farce. There was a minuscule number of entrants with diverse abilities; thus, handicapping which turned about to be a Ripley’s Believe It or Not …. because as I wrote earlier .. in the three-team Final, the winner turned out to be four excited individuals who lost to both finalists (not winning their last matches) but winning overall .. virtually by their handicap. No more handicap team outings for me. The next event into which my team entered (which I must confess was extraordinarily good — was composed of Ken Bercuson, Ronnie Rubin, Bobby and moi — bringing up the rear). In spite of it .. we won both the Wednesday and Thursday afternoon one session Swiss teams (four six board matches) with scores of 72 out of 80 and 76 out of 80. No, they are not typos and I am not bragging .. just making a point! In fact, it is embarrassing! Can you imagine the absence of so many top players and teams in a LV Sectional to have such a weak field????? There was a pair game going on simultaneously, with a couple of pretty good pairs .. but the superstars were sparse for the first four days. We took off today as I was suffering from total exhaustion though we got door to door service the last two days. The absence of top players at a Las Vegas Sectional is unique .. especially since the Scout Site was less then ten minutes from McCarren Airport with a nearby hotel.

As far as localities, I think it all boils down to not having more convenient Strip hotel sites as in the past. It was obvious the Henderson location was not as conducive to attract players and most of us feel if we had a more central location, this week’s Sectional would have been a bigger draw, considering we have at least five well-attended nearby duplicate clubs almost daily which (except for one) was closed during the entire time of the Sectional. If anyone has any suggestions, we certainly would welcome them.

We have high hopes for our Regional at Bally’s this summer from June 6-12 and we are optimistic that we will have lots of out-of-towers as well as locals. Check our website for all the details (schedules, special hotel rates, etc.). I am about to make my reservation for the week and eagerly await seeing all our out of town friends again. No more daily treks for this old broad!

Revisiting the Boy Scout Site

Yesterday was the beginning of the five day Sectional for Unit 373 in what I call ‘the hinterlands.’ I suppose we were all spoiled by the last ten years of our events being hosted by the Strip Hotels, easily reached from most locations. As far as travel accessibility to the current location from the outskirts, one can either take the slow route through congested areas with an inordinate amount of traffic lights or go on the super fast highways with speed limits of 65 MPH .. not too appealing especially returning home in the dark evening hours after the games. Read the rest of this entry »

Unit Elections

Unit #373 is exerting great efforts to recover from troubling times, aggravated by the scandalous interference with the 2016 Board of Directors Election. It was so distressing to watch their decline and lowering of morale over the last few years, that it caused me to be in touch on several occasions with both David Caprera, District 17 Disciplinary Chairman and Sam Whitten, National Recorder, in an attempt to prompt them to acknowledge the obvious election wrongdoing and prevent its recurrence. Read the rest of this entry »