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TIME AND BRIDGE MOVE ON (dedicated to the old-timers)!

Reminiscing through my hoards of bridge memorabilia of fifty-five years, I came upon a file entitled “Keystone Follies, 1972.”     That will be coming up upon forty years on November 10th,   I can remember it as if it were yesterday.   The primary event was the Fall Nationals held in Lancaster, PA by District 4 of the ACBL from the 10th to the 19th.   The attractive leaflet displayed opening greetings from the Governor of PA and Mayor of Lancaster and ACBL bridge officials.   It listed greetings from co-chairman Bill Gross and Charlie Gray who did bang-up jobs as well as the ACBL officers (Chairman Carl Rubin, President Percy X. Bean, Treasurer Jerome R. SIlverman, Honorary Member, Mrs. Stanley Smith and League Counsel, Lee Hazen (who put the league on their feet when their funds were insufficient to keep it going the first few years in the mid thirties).   It also listed the ACBL Executive Staff:   Richard L. Goldberg (Executive   Secretary; Ralph Cohen, Ass’t. Exec. Secretary; Terry Smith, Executive Assistant; and Robert H. Wilkins, Secretary to the ACBL BOD.   You veteran players will remember most of the wonderful National Tournament Directors listed ….  Bill Adams, Maury Braunstein, Bob Dischner, Harry Goldwater, John Hamilton, Jack Hudgins, Karl Johnson, Jerry Machlin, Phil Merry, Ken Stone, John Wiser and Phil Wood.  What a remarkable and lovable group of directors!!!

And now to the unique and topical plans of the Lancaster Red Rose Bridge Club … Schedule of bus tours:The National Wax Museum; The Amish Village, Inc; Quaint towns such as Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse; a Pennsylvania Dutch Market; an Amish Farm and House; Wheatland (the historic home of Pennsylvania’s  only President, James Buchanan); a Pennsylvania Dutch Market and Mill Bridge Craft Village with interesting exhibits and buildings.

But – that was hardly enough.   Beside the fun and games (actual tournament), we featured a Challenge Vu-graph Match.   The World Champion ACES of Dallas had accepted an invitation from District 4 to play a 60 board head-to-head match.   It was scheduled Wednesday, November 8 in the evening and Thursday November 9th in the afternoon and evening.   Representing the ACES were Robert Goldman, Robert Hamman, James Jacoby, Michael Lawrence, Paul Soloway and Robert Wolff (a fella I got to know in later years).   District 4 fielded a strong team of players with national and international reputations, including:   Mark Blumenthal, Robert Jordan, Harlow Lewis, Luis Pietri and Arthur Robinson.  Famed players Skippy Becker and Charlie Solomon were the non-playing co-captains.

However, I left for last (at least to my way of thinking) the highlight of the National – an original show I penned and staged (under the direction of Carole Moscotti, production of Joan Weinrott and Chorographical direction of Ceal Sokoloff) which brought the roof down on Saturday, November 11th and Friday the 17th (with free pretzels and beer to follow the Opening Show and free cider and doughnuts for the concluding performance).  Such incentives!!!!

Oh, yes, between the above features, they held the 1972 Fall Nationals.   I recall it as if it were yesterday.   So much for memories as opposed to pips, dummy reversals and endplays.




RKMay 12th, 2012 at 8:11 pm

Now that’s what I call nostalgia!

CHUCKMay 12th, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I am a packrat myself so I appreciate stories from days of yore, especially the memorabilia that I have saved.

Judy Kay-WolffMay 12th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

Unloading and discarding old stuff is very painful to me. No one would appreciate it but yours truly and my family. Luckily I have a good sized storage unit adjacent to my garage so I am safe for a while although my collection includes mine, my kids, my parents, Norman’s and now Bobby’s.

Terry SmithDecember 30th, 2013 at 1:24 am


Long time no see.

Judy Kay-WolffDecember 30th, 2013 at 2:29 am

Hi Terry:

Wow .. can’t remember when I saw you last. Hope all is well. Nice hearing from you.



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