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Surprise, Surprise!!!

Residing in Las Vegas (exactly ten years this month) has introduced us to a totally different style of living to which Bobby (a native Texan) and I (from the City of Brotherly Love) have never been exposed! When we married twelve years ago, living in Nevada was not even a wee consideration .. but as one grows older we have both learned life is so full of surprises. In fact, it happened to me in living color this evening before dinner as I sat down at my favorite Blackjack Table at The Sun Coast. A younger woman (who could be practically anyone to an octogenarian) was seated on my left and as the dealer was preparing for the next go-round, the lady introduced herself and said she lived here but was originally from Hawaii. I introduced myself and said my husband was parking the car and would arrive at the table shortly. Between shuffles, we chatted about our backgrounds and when she learned we were bridge players (especially of Bobby’s prowess), it got her attention.¬†She proudly remarked her daughter had a dear friend living in Vegas who recently married a sensational bridge player who has played in many far off lands. “Sure,” I thought silently to myself! Maybe she was confusing bridge with poker or backgammon. And .. besides everyone has a different conception of what a “sensational” player really is. I didn’t press the issue and we continued exchanging chips with the dealer for a while and then she excused herself and returned with cell phone in hand. She was bubbling to pass on the name of the mysterious bridegroom. Suddenly my jaw dropped as she inquired if Bobby and I ever heard of Geoff Hampson?” I didn’t even know he lived in Vegas nor that he recently married. Amazing the things one can learn at a blackjack table!!!


SamSeptember 28th, 2015 at 2:36 pm

Out of curiosity, do many bridge players appear at the casino?

Judy Kay-WolffSeptember 28th, 2015 at 3:42 pm

Hi Sam:

Had fun writing you a detailed answer and as I was about to “send,” I lost my connection. Running off for my usual
Monday errands but will get back to you later.


Judy Kay-WolffSeptember 28th, 2015 at 11:02 pm

Back home … and wanted to give you a short answer. Other than to frequent the Sports Book, play poker and the slots, the appearance of bridge players at our BJ haunt (The Sun Coast) is rarely visible except to enjoy the many delightful eateries (both cheap and elegant). Of course, you must bear in mind, we are in the suburbs and most visitors deluge the Strip Hotels (especially when the Sectionals and Regionals roll around). Most bridge players who have retired to Vegas are not enamored by the headliners and fancy restaurants. It is a relaxing way of life — free from blizzards and tornados (so far). We have four or five duplicate clubs between LV and Henderson and very few are addicted to the casinos. Bobby and I play twice a week at the LVBW and have met charming people from all over the world who chose to settle here.

We are in Summerlin ten years now and it has become an extremely unusual .. but relaxing way of life. We take one day at a time and are grateful that we have been so blessed. Most who migrated here decades ago eventually settle in for the duration one way or another (either retired, in nursing homes or special care facilities .. or dead). I vote for Number One!

AlanSeptember 29th, 2015 at 5:12 am

With all that has been happening on the bridge Internet about cheating, it is very discouraging .. especially to people like you and Bobby who have dedicated most of your lives to the betterment of the game. When I read the disrespectful rants on other sites (not this one fortunately), I question where this is all going. I suspect that some people with lots of free time blog just to see their names in lights and I question the validity of some of their jabs.

And lastly, never lose that sense of humor!

Mac KennedyOctober 1st, 2015 at 10:47 pm

Did you know Geoff’s mother Sharon was part of a famous Canadian children’s singing group called Sharon Lois and Bram and they had a kid’s TV show on National TV for years. Their theme was a song called Skinamarink and one definition of a Canadian is that you can sing all the words

Judy Kay-WolffOctober 2nd, 2015 at 1:29 am

No, I know little about Geoff. I do remember meeting Geoff and Eric Greco who were competing against my late husband (believe it was the Trials here in LV in the late 90s). The youngsters were very disappointed to lose and I will never forget Norman's words of consolation .. something to the effect that they were still quite young and he has no doubt he will one day be reading about them. What a wise prophecy!
And .. I do remember reading something about the show .. but no details!

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