Judy Kay-Wolff

The Passing of a Beloved Bridge Hall of Famer

November 3rd.  I returned home this afternoon to find a sad (though not unexpected) telephone message from Sidney Lazard’s wife Betsey that Sidney is now at rest after a rather lingering illness.  Both Bobby and I have enjoyed longtime friendships with Sidney .. mine stemming from his relationship with Norman and Edgar  for what seemed like an eternity — while Bobby and Sidney enjoyed a partnership which dates back to the mid sixties.   I am awaiting a return call from Betsey and will share whatever information is available.


RBKNovember 4th, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Sidney was an exemplary friend and teammate for Kaplan/Kay. I remember how concerned Sidney and Betsey were when dad passed on and invited you down to Dallas to help distract you and try to bring back some memories of the good old days. Losing a loved one is so painful .. be it family or friend.

The tributes to Sidney on BW were as beautiful as I have ever seen. He was loved and respected by people from all walks of life. A Hall of Famer .. in so many venues.

My personal condolences to Betsey and her family.


Judy Kay-WolffNovember 4th, 2015 at 6:13 pm


It was 2002 (almost fourteen years ago) and I remember it as if it were yesterday. Though Philly/New Orleans/Dallas are far apart, we always seemed to be catching up with Sidney .. be it the Nationals, Trials or just a casual trip when Sidney would come to visit Edgar.

There are many famous “Sidney Stories” and I know in my heart the mention of his name will always bring a smile to the faces of those who held him near and dear!

Bart BramleyNovember 5th, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Sidney and I started our partnership 20 years ago this month and played on the team with Edgar and Norman until Edgar’s passing two years later. Sidney and I hit it off immediately, both as partners and as friends. The highlight of my bridge career was winning the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs with Sidney in 2002.

A personal highlight was Thanksgiving dinner in Las Vegas in 2001 with you and Norman, Sidney, my mother and my uncle.

Sidney was a very special friend. He was one of a kind.

Judy Kay-WolffNovember 5th, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Hi Bart:

I remember that Thanksgiving 2001 in Vegas as if it was just yesterday. I can even picture that long narrow room where dinner was served. Not surprisingly, it was Norman's last tournament as he passed on in January .. less than two months later.

Getting to know Norman's teammates was a big upper .. as they were not only amazingly talented players but special human beings as well. Edgar is gone over eighteen years and yet I think about him almost every day as he was such a huge part of my life for over three decades. I am still in contact occasionally with Richard Pavlicek, another personality who has made his mark in bridge .. though staying closer to home taking care of his beloved Mabel. Because of Sidney's longtime friendship with Edgar, he became part of our bridge family and until the last few years, Bobby and I spoke with him on occasion, but toward the end only kept tabs via hearsay from family and close friends. And, then Tuesday afternoon, I received Betsey's inevitable phone message.

As far as that young Bart Bramley I got to know (along with my longtime friend, Judy Wadas), I have quite different memories. I recall how thrilled everyone was when you joined the team .. and your warmth, humor and success justified their feelings. However, my favorite times with you were across the dinner table at the Nationals where we continually played word games from appetizers through desserts, never coming up for air. Funny the things one recalls! Bridge? What's that??

Thanks for your beautiful tribute to Sidney. I hope one of these days (perhaps Reno) we will get to see you and Judy after much too long a hiatus!

Warm regards from Bobby.



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