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Changing times — An egregious underbid!

No doubt, the world has fallen from grace. It is obvious from the downtrodden state of the universal economy with skyrocketing pricing everywhere, homeless people .. and even more frightening .. the threat of terrorism .. any time/any place.

There are many venues in life that contribute to fear, danger, disappointment, doom and gloom, sadness and serious concern .. but absolutely minuscule in relation to the above.

Moving on to a much lighter subject (sometimes) .. no one can argue that the scene is soooo different when we old timers were captivated and intrigued when introduced to a challenging game and fascinating enterprise known simply as ‘bridge.’ It opened an intriguing horizon. How little we knew about the unexpected realms of frustration, disappointment, aggravation, glumness and doom and gloom, until the light began to shine. Few are born ‘naturals.’ Most of us struggled at a first. No one ever said it was a ‘piece of cake’! We worked hard until we reached the point where we derived pleasure and satisfaction of recognizing improvement!

For me, that is all history. I will be forever grateful for my exposure to the game and treasure my memories of over fifty years of making treasured friends, attending countless NABCs and World Championships and traversing the globe, seeing many of the wonders of the world with Norman and Bobby. I am one lucky girl!!!

Life in Vegas is good and I am more than content with local duplicates and tournaments. Best of all .. NO airplanes (direct or indirect flights), mandatory security checks, mail or newspaper temporary holds, packing and unpacking et al. Old age is not as bad as one would suspect!

The above interlude was triggered after reading the problems being faced (and reportedly well-handled by the tons of capable volunteers) for the upcoming Toronto Nationals. Believe me, these events don’t just happen on their own. I was active in Philadelphia for forty years and can testify it is an all-consuming job (and more)! I feel for them and hope they will be rewarded by tremendous success! Aces all the way!


AlanJuly 23rd, 2017 at 6:10 pm


Speaking of a changing world, have you been watching the Grand Nationals? If so, what is your reaction to the auctions?

Judy Kay-WolffJuly 23rd, 2017 at 7:47 pm

Dear Alan,

From your question, I understand from where you are coming. I read and re-read some of the auctions, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me. I am far from an expert and never professed to be .. but we seem to be veering away from the beautiful game we once knew.

Auctions are not what they appear to be. Perhaps more attention should be directed at psyches and how to handle them! And how about the overexaggerated and ‘light opening bids” which trained partnerships are geared to and allow for?

I suppose this newly found deception and chicanery are just too much for an old fuddy-dud like myself to appreciate. I was spoiled by watching the elegant masters of yore who achieved incomparable success with innate talent and did not have to resort to these modern approaches. So be it!

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