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In my most recent blog of yesterday (9/28/08), I exuberantly approved of the Zero Tolerance concept instituted by the ACBL. However, as Danny Kleinman noted – it appears to be a gray area (“…..Unlike the Laws in the rule book, Zero Tolerance is undefined….”). Check out his entire Comment in response to Going to Hell in a Hand Basket (No. 1) which he posted this morning.

Danny’s remarks gives me pause for reconsideration and I must amend my original praise of Zero Tolerance – definitively qualifying my thoughts to take into account that no individual (club director, tournament director, et al.) has the authority, power or right to abuse his official status to threaten or punish players because of personal dislikes, past history or prejudice .. or be blinded by bias and favoritism to friends, partners and ‘good customers.’

The incidents Danny cited are worthy of discussion and perhaps my naivete clouded my thought process –giving people in authority more credit than they deserve. Rebuttals like Danny’s are what makes blogging such a fabulous venue for bridge lovers to share their thoughts with others.

Thanks, Danny. You get no argument from me.

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EvieOctober 2nd, 2008 at 2:48 pm

Isn’t it amazing how the directors will do almost anything to keep their “good customers” Heaven forbid “Millie” or ” Sadie” should get an East West!