Judy Kay-Wolff


In 1956 my first partner, Marleen, and I made our debut at the popular, well-attended Center City Bridge Club in Philadelphia. It was the ‘in’ place for duplicates and was frequented by the hoi polloi of the bridge world (who in those days always played and practiced at the local duplicates). The verse below needs no explanation and was sent to the proprietor, Rhoda Grahn, who hung it on her bulletin board and remained there till the club eventually closed.


The time has come to say “Adieu” — This seems the only thing to do

Many times we’ve made the claim– That we are giving up the game

But this is it (the final straw) — From your game we now withdraw

It all began at Table Three — They put us through the third degree

For after bolstering their score — They asked, “Have you girls ever played before?”

At Table Four they seemed to stress — The advantages of playing chess

At Table Five it was agreed — Monopoly was more our speed

Then we went on to Table Six — Where cards and questions seemed to mix

And then we had to hear once more — “Have you girls ever played before?”

At Table Eight it was implied — We ought to set the game aside

Though we’d improved by Table Nine — The queries flowed like cherry wine

And as we moved to Table Ten — We heard that old refrain again

Once or twice we would not care — But don’t you think we’ve had our share?

As students of the Junto School — We crammed our heads with every rule

The Italian System may be grand — Though difficult to understand

But when it comes to mass confusion — There’s none to beat the one we’re usin’

We read the daily columns too — What more is there for us to do?

We try our best — We do not cheat — We do not even mind defeat

It does not matter how we place — To lose at bridge is no disgrace

But must we sit in contemplation — And tolerate interrogation?

So if we quit — we’ll hear no more …………………..


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KenDecember 1st, 2008 at 9:52 am

Can’t believe you wrote that 52 years ago

(and still had it). Your blogs are very

entertaining and I am sure you have a storehouse

of memories. Keep sharing!