Judy Kay-Wolff


Comparisons are made in all walks of life …  separating the men from the boys.    In our hobby, we’ve all heard it said, “There are bridge players and there are bridge players.”   The difference can be detected by the inflection in one’s voice or the motion of a hand.    To my way of thinking — for a bridge player to ascend that ultimate staircase — he or she must possess four qualities:  exceptional talent, impeccable ethics, appropriate modesty and excellent deportment.

During my travels, I have encountered many a great player — but few could stand up to the above test on all four counts.  One exception was Grant Baze, a well respected and popular bridge personality from the West Coast.   He was a painfully honest and honorable man — not resembling a politician or even tolerating one.   Sadly, I read today that he lost his long, valiant bout with cancer at the age of 65.   I remember Grant from the Pender-Baze days and we often exchanged warm greetings when I would see him at the Nationals.  I know how disappointing it was to him that he was never elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame, despite his name appearing on the ballot several times.   Many felt he richly deserved the honor, possibly even more so than others who made the grade.  Perhaps he will be voted in posthumously — but  somehow that really doesn’t seem to matter now!


PegJanuary 17th, 2009 at 11:51 pm

Grant was one class act – in addition to being a fine (and brilliantly quick!) bridge player. I played against Grant many a time – and on those occasions when I had the good fortune to do well against Grant, he was always gracious and funny and complimentary.

He is one guy I will miss tremendously.

patJanuary 21st, 2009 at 7:14 pm

The bridge world has lost a brillant, honest, top-notch bridge player and gentleman in Grant Baze. His two page article that was written many years ago (6-5 come alive, 6-4 bid more e.g.) was and is one of the most informative and helpful articles I have ever read. He will be missed by all.