Judy Kay-Wolff


One of the most mind boggling sagas I have witnessed in over five decades was the comical mishandling by my favorite group (the USBF) regarding the recent USA2 Nickell/Freeman Sao Paulo eligibility status.

The original announcement publicly surfaced on the USBF SITE “…… Under the USBF General Conditions of Contest, the partner of the player who is unable to play for health reasons is also treated as being unable to play for health reasons …”

To my way of thinking, the creator of that concept has dire mental health problems and belongs in a Psych Ward accompanied by his or her constituents.


Bobby WolffJune 22nd, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Until the USBF stops making childish proclamations and begins to take their responsibilities seriously what is the use of their existence? There needs to be one person responsible for the Conditions of Contest and that person has to have at least SOME IDEA of what the inherent problems are and the reasons for them. Lacking that, it would also seem that at least someone on the USBF should be reading the CofC in advance as nothing more than a proof reader to make sure there is some sense to what is written.

The above statement could be construed as tough since probably no one is paid to be a member of the USBF BOD’s. That toughness possibly extended to not giving the Fleisher team the percentage shot of qualifying that was intended by our rules. That team is what the USBF should be concerned with, not the plight of the USBF BOD’s members.

Chris HasneyJune 23rd, 2009 at 3:42 am

They should play as a 4 bagger and win the event. That will be sweet revenge