Judy Kay-Wolff

A DIFFERENT KIND OF BRIDGE TEASER (answers tomorrow night)

Back in the seventies, while teaching bridge at some of the suburban Philadelphia Country clubs,  they had an Annual Luncheon which was a hoot.    Besides marvelous cuisine, it included an original bridge show by you-know-who and before lunch some bridge brain teasers were passed out to doodle with.   Below is the type of challenge.

The numbers to the right of the puzzle are the number of letters in each word of the answer:   For example:   SAD BOW TWOSOMES (4/6/5).    The answer:  BLUE RIBBON PAIRS.  TRY THEM.  They’re fun – and if you get tired or bored – there’s always Direct TV or BBO.   ANSWERS TOMORROW. 

If you want to answer them privately first, email me at kay19072@aol.com and not let your cat out of the bag.

1)     MAGNIFICENT CLOUT   (1/5/4)                           

2)     AN UNDERSIZED BAT    (1/5/4)                         

3)     TWO-LEVEL LEAP (1-6-4)                                    

4)     BELOW-PAR OFFER (8)                                     

5)    CRASHING WATCHER (9/8)                                

6)    McCARTHY TWICE  (6/5)                                    

7)    JUMPING JACKSONS (7/8)                                 

8)    PRESSURIZED PRODUCTION (7/4)                      

9)   144 MISTAKE (5/5)                                             

10)  EBONY TIMBER (9)                                            

11)  REMAIN FELLA!  (4/3)                                     

12)  UNDERSKILLED CONTESTANTS (11/7)              

13)  UNDER PAR OUTFIT  (5/4)                                


15) EARLY THRUSTS (10/4)                                     

16) LAZARD LOANS (6/4)                                     

17) TENTMAKER’S CARNIVAL (6/6)                       

18)  ORDINANCE OF ALL MAGIC (3/2/5/6               



21)  REVEALED PASTEBOARD (7/4)                        

22)  HOWLING GOODBYE (5/7)                              


(If when I post this, they are printed out of line, forgive me.   I can only do one thing at a time.   jkw)


JulieJuly 23rd, 2009 at 9:39 pm

Hi: I didn’t get a lot of them — but the best was the last — and appropriately so.


JoanJuly 23rd, 2009 at 9:49 pm

Judy: I think you are right. Hundreds of your regular followers are at the Nationals and will

probably not see it for a week. The cleverest is NO. 6. but you have to be aged to recognize it.

They are definitely brain teasers. When I finished I was not sure which was harder — the

word puzzles or the game itself.

I love you site as it is so diversified … memories .. quizzes and complaints about the great unwashed (and I am not referring to soap).

JennJuly 23rd, 2009 at 10:45 pm

I just had to tell you — I have just spent the last hour glued to my computer trying to solve your puzzles. They are marvelous! I really enjoyed the challenge but I must confess I have two that still remain a mystery – I am truly stumped. I will be looking forward to Monday’s posting of the answers.