Judy Kay-Wolff

The Unsung Heroine

Until Master Point Press entered our lives, our computers were no more than objects used to pass emails back and forth.  Its owner, Ray Lee, whose name I had never heard before helped resurrect an epic started in 1994 and saw its to its conclusion in 2008 which will always be heralded as The Lone Wolff, Bobby’s tell-tale revelation of sixty years on the bridge scene.   Ray is a highly dedicated upstanding member of the Fourth Estate who has given his all to turn bridge in the right direction and keep it moving that way.    His underlying objective is always what is best for the game — not unlike the principles of one Bobby Wolff — and perhaps that is why they have become such fast buddies.


His right hand man (woman in this case) is his perky, dedicated never-stopping wife, Linda, and together with his staff (at least those I have gotten to know  .. Sally, Eric, Colin and Colin’s exceptional charming and talented wife, LUISE), I have been able to successfully and consistently blog –but until six months ago, I couldn’t even spell the name LUISE — let alone pronounce it (and I didn’t even know if ‘it’ was a female or male.   She (and Eric) have been a big part of my (our) bridge blogging life (especially with the popular  Aces on Bridge Column )-where they have proven to be quite adept at cyberspace and its magic.   However, the heroine of this blog is LUISE LEE, wife of COLIN, daughter-in-law  of Linda and Ray, mother of two demanding toddlers and the most gracious, adept young woman every company should be proud to have in their employ.


Back in the fifties, while I matriculated at college, we were filling our heads with rather impractical information about theories of  logarithms and calculus while the new generation was concentrating on this newest gadget called the computer — which today none of us could live without.   I assume Luise must have an unusual talent in the technical end of the business as there is little she cannot fix (and if she can’t, she battles her way to success and reverses the course.) I have had unending ‘computer problems” (including crashing hard drives, the purchase of a new lap top, and the “accidental removal of crucial (life dependent components of blogging) — only to learn my converted  WINDOWS LIVE WRITER had disappeared from my control panel  and I had to rely on Eric and Luise for the last month who graciously took my emails and converted them to actively posted blogs.  However, last evening after 47 minutes non-stop, Luise ‘talked me through the adjustments” (no easy task dealing with a computer dud) while Luise’s daughter Jessica was feeling a bit neglected as it was bedtime in Canada .   There would be no distractions until our appointed 7 p.m. telephone time successfully concluded (and if this blog goes through) it is known as the proof of the pudding is in the eating.   Thank you LUISE LEE.   YOU ARE ONE BRILLIANT, CHARMING, MODEST, DETERMINED, DEDICATED young lady and all the Lees are lucky to have you in their lives for various and sundry reasons.


With my undying gratitude,



Luise LeeAugust 20th, 2009 at 1:49 pm

Thank you, Judy. You’re making me blush!

The next time I need a reference for a job interview, you’ll be the first person on my call list 😉

Judy Kay-WolffAugust 20th, 2009 at 5:53 pm

Luise — I only speak the truth!


MichaelAugust 21st, 2009 at 6:44 pm

Well said Judy.

Big thanks to Luise and everyone at MPP, they have been most helpful to me also.

Gary M. MugfordAugust 23rd, 2009 at 1:23 am


If you and Luise need an ‘easier’ way to arrange support, let me point you to http://www.crossloop.exe. This is a secure remote viewing application that lets Luise peek over your shoulder (and actually move the mouse) while talking to you over the phone. For years, I needed this very thing to work with my father who lives 200 miles away. We tried things over the phone, but it often was like trying to describe red to a blind man. I’d say look here, and he’d say there’s no here there. And sometimes, he was right!!! Since installing the program two years ago, I’ve probably improved his computing experience ten-fold, maybe more.

And it’s cut down on the yelling into the phone on both sides.

One last note: In the last two months, I helped the very nice lady across the street who provides me with my lemon pies … and a client who was on vacation in Cairo Egypt. All while never getting out of my PJ’s or my office in the house.

Ain’t technology grand?

Keep posting. GM