Judy Kay-Wolff


The Transamerica lends itself quite well to the needs of the WBF EVENTS.   All three categories (Bermuda Bowl. Venice Cup and D’Orsi Senior Bowl) are self contained in a mammoth carpeted convention hall with tables quite far apart to avoid problems.   I have only seen the open room but assume the closed ones are comparable in quality as well.    There are three electronic scoreboards as well as small TVs to itemize the standings and plenty of room to navigate. Either by accident, coincidence or deliberate arrangement, a rescue squad  vehicle stands available if needed and is camped in front of the entrance.  I don’t know if it was singled out for the bridge venture or serves all conventions renting their space.   Just the first time I witnessed one at a world bridge event.  Maybe it’s a back up play.  Everything seems to be running smoothly.   Most impressive were the new pristine bidding boxes — never before touched by human hands — a far cry from the condition of ours back in The States.

The evening highlight was an open cocktail party in conjunction with the antique card collection of James Ortiz Patino with an amazing display covering several centuries of cards from their earliest inception.   It has a museum like quality and will remain open for the next several days.   The curator explained several of the origins and it was a mind boggling site to behold.   After the display, everyone scattered for their evening snack, preparing to start anew tomorrow at 11 a.m.   An exhausting opening day for all (staff, players and kibitzers as well)!

Till tomorrow.

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LindaAugust 31st, 2009 at 4:17 am

Enjoy the kibitzing. We are working hard watching from Toronto.