Judy Kay-Wolff


Friday morning fliers were passed out officially announcing the site of the 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP which will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next October.  I know from having lived in the City of Brotherly Love and being active on the bridge scene for forty years, the hometown staff will be up for the occasion.  It is twenty-minutes from the Philadelphia Airport, two blocks from City Hall and close to many of the other historic sites for which Philly is known.  The restaurants are plentiful and affordable and dozens within walking distance.    It is an honor for Philadelphia to have been chosen and a mutual treat for all those who attend.  

Attendees should try to arrive a day or two early to take in all the famous historic shrines that were involved in shaping our country’s destiny.  Most of the sites are within less than a ten mile radius and there are innumerable tourist companies with a variety of itineraries.   If you want to see where American history was made, avail yourself of this opportunity.