Judy Kay-Wolff


Bobby’s team lost after the 5th segment (actually withdrew) as it was not in the cards.   I am sooooooooooooooooooo anxious to get back to Vegas, I can’t tell you.    However, there has never been a better venue for the bridge itself.   It  was positively outstanding and the graciousness of the hosts and hostesses was above and beyond.

The hotel was lovely, the employees were accommodating, the playing space was second to none, it was spacious, there were several dining spots within the hotel, there were cocktail parties up to the yee-yang, etc.   My only complaint (besides losing) was I was getting claustrophobia as the site was totally isolated and heaven forbid — no place to shop except a high-priced Amsterdam based jewelry boutique (not my speed) and an 8 x 12 shop for sundry articles.  Guess I am just spoiled,   Paul and John (and spouses) took off immediately last night; Arnie is planning to leave; Freddie and Rose are on our plane tonight and Dan Morse, a WBF Rep and his wife Joan are planning to stay to the bitter end.

Today begins the Transnational Teams and most of those who missed qualifying entered and hundreds of others flew in especially to play in this prestigious event so the bridge is still in full swing.

At least I got to see South America for the first and last time and have no regrets, but I am looking forward to returning home.


PegSeptember 10th, 2009 at 2:43 am

Sorry. 🙁

And – USA2 lost today. So – no gold or silver for us. Still – glad you had a good trip and it was FUN to watch lots of expert bridge!

JUDY KAY-WOLFFSeptember 13th, 2009 at 1:38 am

Me too, Peg!

However, seeing the part of Brazil we encountered was anything but a treat.

It was an hour and a half from the airport, driving through many neighborhoods replete with squalor — arriving at an isoldated area where the cab rides to the restaurants were more than the price of the meal (at least a Chinese one) and the prices at the hotel for food were not to be believed. I was hungry after my little sandwich, so I treated (and I mean treated) myself to one SMALL DIP OF VANILLA ICE CREAM with A COUPLE DROPS OF CHOCOLATE SYRUP. When I got the bill, I called one of the waiters over (almost none English speaking — but lovely snd polite). Perhaps there were gold nuggets inside I had missed, but the bill was $12.00 for the one dip. You can envisionize from the sundae price, what the hot dishes cost.

Don’t misunderstand me. Despite the prices of the food and confinement to the hotel for 11 straight days, the site for the bridge was the best ever. However, I cannot imagine how non-sponsored teams (unless the individuals are very wealthy) could afford the airfaire and to stay and eat at the hotel. However, the inconvenience of renting a car and staying in a cheaper hotel miles away was hardly a better alternative. It was a case of grin and bear it but it was not a happy group when they came to pay their final bill. In addition, you saw that Bobby ordered a USA Today for $11 daily and I was forced to rent a scooter because of my bad back for about $300 for the two weeks. By the way they did have free internet service — a rarity these days. But, when we saw what we spent on incidentals, had I known better (and given a choice which I wasn’ t) — I would have stayed home and spent a couple of hours or so at Chico’s!

The hospitality and warmth of the WBF staff didn’t have to take a back seat to anyone. They

entertained generously and in good taste almost every night and did everything humanly possible to make their guests feel at home. I am referring to the D’Orsis and Damiani’s Nothing was too much trouble for them or their staff (particulcarly Christin Francin and Carol von Linstow). Anna Gudge was always on the go and the Press Room seemed like a 24/7 job as did the directorial staff. It was a particularly well run tournament and the Vugraph was a popular venue.

The return air travel was exhausting from Sao Paulo to Vegas (via Dallas) and we were happy to be home (three days already and too tired from unpacking to visit a casino yet). However, we did play at our regular Friday bridge game. How could we miss it three times in a row. We might be excommunicated if they knew we were home and didn’t play.

World Bridge tournaments are exciting but for my money — give me the good old USA! And … I predict everyone will love the next one in Philadelphia in 2010 as it it is the heart of the town and certainly the most historic city in the United States — everything being within about a five mile (at most) radius of the famous sites of the nation’s birthplace.

Sorry to be so candid — but you know me. I tell it exactly like it is!

PegSeptember 13th, 2009 at 5:22 am

I’ve always argued big bridge tournaments should be held in Des Moines. Lots of inexpensive hotels, plenty of easy, cheap and convenient spots to eat …. I can drive there easily and FREE parking! Internet, too 🙂

On top of it all – in Des Moines, you’re not tempted to do much of anything else other THAN play bridge!

Sorry about all the negatives. Yes, I am sure that Philadelphia will be wonderful!