Judy Kay-Wolff


Bobby and I are enjoying some leisurely time here at the Riviera (no – silly, not THE Riviera – but rather The Riviera on Las Vegas Boulevard where the popular Annual June Regional is always held).  Since we have not been attending the ACBL NABCs for a while, it has been delightful to see so many good  friends from whom I have been estranged for the last couple years.  Among that group is someone I know only as a very casual acquaintance: possibly the most prayed-for individual in ACBL history,  CURTIS CHEEK, who suffered from swine flu while in Sao Paulo last year and was rumored to be at death’s door.  

Bobby and I were in South America at the time but did not learn about his misfortune until we returned home.  The popular bridge star has some roots now in our hometown of Las Vegas as he married a local girl and is now a bridegroom of two weeks.   I had not seen him since he waged a wicked battle for his life, having undergone extensive physical and emotional trauma – but who wouldn’t from such a suddenly random life-threatening attack.   Why him – such a sweet guy?

I just wanted to report, though temporarily in a wheelchair, he professed the future was bright and after some planned surgery on his casted foot in a couple of months, the doctors predict he will be walking with no ill effects.  That news really made my day!   Before the game began, he was surrounded by dozens of people (perhaps even some strangers) who threw their arms around him and expressed their joy that such a devastating nightmare will have a very happy ending. 

Say what you want about bridge players.  And –  I am sure lots can be said.  In fact, you might have to get in line –  but when it comes to having a heart – no group is more caring.

Welcome back to the land of the living, Curtis.   We are all so grateful! Our prayers have been answered.


PegJune 10th, 2010 at 10:58 am

Lovely post, Judy!

Curtis is testament to the fact that you really CAN be an elite bridge player and a super-nice guy, too.

Cam FrenchJune 12th, 2010 at 1:42 pm

Nicely said Judy.

Welcome back Curtis.

The bridge community wishes you well.

Congrats on the wedding. A great present for both bride and groom.