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The normal application of the above word is a global phenomenon involving sexual exploitation, forced labor and usually physical abuse. I am happy to immediately relieve your fears – as my reference is bridge-related and totally pure of heart – applying to the number of “hits” (times people click onto our site).  The following statistics have been gathered by our sensational gals at bridgeblogging.com, namely Jessica and Luise.  Since I always seem to be at my computer (either composing or responding), these two female dynamos serve as my life-saving devices (correcting typos, spacing and however else I manage to foul up).

I was fascinated by the email from Jessica (who modestly describes herself as Marketing Intern, Master Point Press).   It was addressed “Dear Bridge Bloggers” and imparted the results of their tabulations, comparing traffic from January, 2010 through the end of June of this year (a six month period).  According to her figures, ‘hits’ at bridgeblogging were UP 28%, and listed the top four countries responsible:

(43.5% from the U. S.); (25.2% from Canada); (6.5% from United Kingdom); and (3.7% from Australia).

The brief message (containing the above information and a thank you for the exceptional dedication of the bloggers) was followed by an amazing graphic attachment which included some surprising statistics which I want to share as many of you readers are from the areas recognized.

There was a “Map Overlay” which showed over 100,000 visits (hits) from 121 countries/territories.   The first four cited above were followed by Venezuela, Japan, Netherlands, France and India rounding out the top nine.

The second was Country/Territory Detail (in this case — The U. S.).  There were over 45,113 visits via 52 regions.  We haven’t figured out why as yet, but Nevada led the pack.   The itemized number of visits were as follows:  (1) Nevada (8,239); (2) California (5,603); (3) New York (4,432); (4) Texas (3,200); (5) Washington (1,998); (6) Florida (1,632); (7) Illinois (1,626); (8) Ohio (1,432); and (9) Pennsylvania (1,288).

The Nevada number, at least to Bobby and me, was unexplainable as I am sure the number of bridge players in Nevada is minute compared to say — California, New York and Florida.   Remember the numbers are based on the locales from which the ‘clicks’ originate  (site of trafficking). Beats us!  Maybe one of you rocket scientists can figure it out.   Many of our local bridge club addicts do keep up with the site, but that could not possibly account for the NV numbers.

The next Country/Detail was Canada with 26,117 visits encompassing 317 cities.   The leaders (by far the most popular) were (1) Toronto (4,487); followed by  (2) Vancouver (1,398); Victoria (1,139); St-Laurent (1,018); Winnipeg (965); Thornhill (947); Willowdale (935); Weston (732); Penticton (580).

England’s statistics followed (6,702 visits via 248 cities);  London, predictably was first (2,120); (2) Sheffield (1,357); (3) London (again?) (593); (4) Cambridge (382); (5) Manchester (240); (6) Birmingham (158); (7) Edinburgh (127); (8) Oxford (106); (9) St. Andrews (101).

And — the last of the Big Four was Australia:  Predictably once more ..  (1) Sydney (2,426); (2) Perth (441); (3) Adelaide (315); (4) Brisbane (185); (5) Canberra (146); (6) Melbourne (117); (7)  Perth (again?) (70); (8) Brisbane (again?) (61); (9) Melbourne (again?) (45).

I might add in closing that the number of readers as compared to those who take the time and trouble to comment is miniscule.    We blog our hearts out and from the above stats, it is quite apparent you are definitely reading what we are writing.   It would be so nice to hear from you  … even if just to say “Hi.”


Ian RJuly 11th, 2010 at 12:29 am

Not sure about the Australian ones being totally predictable, although they are low numbers apart from Sydney (which is predictable). Not sure how Perth gets higher than Melbourne – unless all those hits are in fact me!

Judy Kay-WolffJuly 11th, 2010 at 7:57 am


I have no idea how the figures were obtained, and certainly we were as shocked at Nevada as you were mystified at the Perth/Melbourne query.

Judy Kay-WolffJuly 11th, 2010 at 9:13 am


Since the adminstration of our site is closed on the weekends and the new fangled group that has nilly-willy taken over the placement and classification of recent blogs has seen fit to replace THE PENDERGAFFE by TRAFFICKING under Featured Bloggers, I suggest you click my name at the bottom of this page and go to PENDERGAFFE which has been pre-empted by this current far less important rendering. You will see irresponsibility and indifference at the ultimate level — wrongfully using the bequest of a dead man.

Thank you.

Sharon EddyJuly 19th, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Hi Judy,

Regarding the stacked Nevada clicks: Many bridge players bring their laptops to bridge tournaments in order to keep in touch back home. If a few hundred players at the Spring Reno NABC and the LV sectionals “clicked” daily onto this bridgeblogging site from their laptops in local hotel rooms in Nevada, that extra trafficking could cause the numbers to swell out of proportion to the normal local population.

Just a thought.

Judy Kay-WolffJuly 19th, 2010 at 5:37 pm

Hi Sharon:

Yours is certainly a very intelligent and plausible explanation, and one that I never even considered. I am as guilty as anyone when traveling as I wouldn’t think of leaving home without mine. Sort of like a child and his teddy bear (or as we would say when we were kids .. our wanky). It is just that we have gotten caught up in the computer age and our wankies have been replaced by our laptops.

Good thinking!