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Following up on some Enlightening Extraneous Repartee ….

THE 2010 BUFFETT CUP by Judy Kay-Wolff on September 12th, 2010 drew 20 comments to date.  Because of my statement that it was refreshing to see an event made up of truly top expert class players, it evoked a series of back-and -forths about professionalism between “Mark” and my husband Bobby explaining how times changed (along with the administrators, the jurisdiction, those in command, the rules, the amendments to the requirements of the partnership obligations, etc.).   Professionalism took on a new twist and for those of you who are interested in how it affected championship events, I suggest you read comments 15-20.

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Judy Kay-WolffSeptember 21st, 2010 at 5:03 am

I suggest you check back to the original site (comments 21 and 22) for a dialogue between veteran player and respected administrator, Robb Gordon, from Arizona, and Bobby’s reply.

No one said it would be easy — but at least it is a start and both of these players have been on the scene a long, long time as these situations developed!