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Reports from Orlando ….

Although I haven’t attended an NABC in over two years (after religiously showing up at them for over forty years), the wonderful cyberspace presentation of the Daily Bulletins through the courtesy of Brent Manley, Dave Smith and their great staff), allows one to keep up with the happenings on line.

I enjoyed reading of two well deserving commendations:  

Larry Cohen (famous for ‘The Law of Total Tricks’ among so many other contributions to the game) was named 2011 Honorary Member of the year, being one of the most prestigious, diversified and competent names known to the bridge world.  I will be following up this week on a story of Larry’s accomplishments over many decades.  

Rose Meltzer was appointed as Chairman of the Good Will Committee to replace its originator, Aileen Osofsky, one of the greatest ambassadors of our game who passed on after chairing the committee for what seems like eons.   Rose, with her background, warmth, grace and vivaciousness will be perfect as her successor.

The slate for next year’s Hall of Fame Candidates was just announced by the HOF Committee.  They are:  Marty Bergen, Peter Boyd, Bart Bramley, Gail Greenberg, Kyle Larsen, Jill Meyers, John Mohan, Sue Picus, Judi Radin and Tobi Sokolow.  Quite an impressive list and a departure from previous years’ policy of nominating sponsors who have attained fantastic results with the help of professionals.   (Since I have known so many of these ‘youngsters’ growing up, it is hard for me to accept the fact they have reached the magic HOF eligibility age of sixty)!

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AdamDecember 2nd, 2010 at 6:31 am

What well deserved recognition of both Larry and Rose. Plaudits to good people are always nice gestures.

As to your reference to sponsors, I agree, as bridge HOFers to me equate to the Olympics — the cream of the crop.

Keep blogging. Your subjects are always so terrific.