Judy Kay-Wolff

Reporting from Bally’s

Arriving early afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday, in order to unpack, have a snack and settle in for the exciting football contest on our room TV, we learned at the Check in Desk that Bally’s/Paris had no clue about a bridge tourney five days in duration to be held there.  We were told we had made a mistake but she would do some checking.   The lovely embarrassed clerk returned fifteen minutes later with no additional information.  However, there are two towers (North and South).   Where was it going to be held?  She dunno.   It was like a two way guess for a queen.   She put us in the North Tower, but the mysterious ”queen” was located in the SOUTH TOWER.  I gave her my Glitter Gulch flyer and she printed it and when I saw her the following morning, she apologized she had stationed us in the wrong camp.  Nice start.

By the time the players started arriving on Monday (kickoff day), they seemed to be aware it was being held in the Pacific Ballroom in the South Tower.   Too little — too late for us.  I was not packing and unpacking.   Once was enough.  By the way, I called conscientious tournament chairman Tom Shulman from my cell phone advised him of the catastrophe so he could straighten it out and he went into shock as Tom does things in a proper fashion and usually leaves no stone unturned.   It was strictly the carelessness off this huge hotel chain which connects to the Paris and other hotel properties.

There is no sports book here but lots of expensive shops and restaurants.   We enjoyed The Steakhouse until the bill came (one hard drink, one iced tea, two normal entrees, no dessert – with tip a shade under $150.   Even a normal breakfast for two (nothing special) at The Sidewalk Cafe with tip over forty bucks.   Give me back Katy’s and Kristopher’s at the old Riviera.   Not as new and modern – but quite delectable and a noticeable difference in cost.

I am not such an old fusspot as the above sounds.   I just expect and demand efficiency with such an established and supposedly organized hot spot in Vegas with a reputation as a lovely hotel.   I guess it is the way of the world today and nothing should shock me.   BUT NOT TO KNOW HUNDREDS OF BRIDGE PLAYERS WOULD ENTER THEIR PORTALS SENT ME THROUGH THE ROOF in the wrong tower.

Besides, we lost our first match.   Things could not have been much worse.   However, today is a new beginning.


JaneFebruary 8th, 2011 at 2:01 pm

When we arrived at Ballys yesterday about 12:15, the valet parking was full according to the sign, so we self parked in the combined Paris/Bally lot. I don’t mind walking, but I also did not know exactly where the tournament was being held. We then remembered something about the South Tower and a snack place called Noshes. Once we found that, smooth sailing to the playing room. Seemed like a good turn out for the first session. A weird thing happened to me late in the game. I sorted my hand, made the decision to open two spades and everyone passed. Partner put her hand on the table and to my surprise she held the ten and another spade. The reason I was surprised was that I also held the ten of spades. Opps! I said I needed a director much to the surprise of the table since no one (but me as it turns out) had done anything wrong. The director arrived, took one look and very nicely said- I think you have taken the hand from the wrong board. He was right! I have no memory of doing it, of course, don’t remember turning the board incorrectly, etc, but I was sitting north, so it was my error. We took an average minus on one board but were actually able to play the other board. The director was very gracious and wanted us to be able to play the board. He said we were there to play, not to lose a board if it can be saved. Oh well. We did not have a good game, so the average minus did little to hurt us, but what a silly mistake to make.

Judy Kay-WolffFebruary 8th, 2011 at 4:32 pm


What a funny story. I could tell you lots of negative tales — but that would be a first for me.

Hope you did better today.

By the way we found the breakfast buffet was half the price of the ala cart menu and five times as good and plentiful.

This is one mistake we learned from yesterday. There were no signs we saw and they seemed to keep the buffet a secret from us but we got even with them for yesterday.