Judy Kay-Wolff

The little-discussed SPORT ACCORD SLATES (in Beijing 2011)

I was shocked to not see any mention of the above on our blog sites (but I easily could have missed it).  It is basically a distant cousin to the Olympic games (the mind games for which Jose Damiani has been actively pursuing a place for bridge for several years and asked everyone to send their BEST PAIRS).  Travel expenses and full board accommodation will be paid by the sponsoring organization, including business class air travel.   The teams invited:

Open Event — China, Italy, Norway, USA
Women’s Event — China, England, France, USA

Players to arrive December 8th or 9th
Opening ceremony 12/9 evening
Closing ceremony  12/16 late afternoon

The USBF has been asked to send an Open team and a Women’s Team.   Rumors were flying but the word on the street (unconfirmed) was the first three choices (MECKWELL; LEVIN/WEINSTEIN and GRECO/HAMPSON turned the invitations down for their own personal distinct reasons).   In the Women’s Group LYNN DEAS and BETH PALMER accepted without consideration – and are quite deserving.  The remaining two open spots for the women’s and all three pair vacancies for the Open will be decided by ballot.  Players in the 2010 USBC and 2009 USWBC received an email asking for an expression of interest in competing and indeed they did.


Gloria Bart
Les Bart

Steve Beatty
George Jacobs

David Berkowitz
Alan Sontag

Peter Boyd
Steve Robinson

Drew Casen
Jim Krekorian

Mark Cohen
Milt Rosenberg

Doug Doub
Adam Wildavsky

Fred Gitelman
Brad Moss

Matthew Granovetter 
Pamela Granovetter 

Jiang Gu
Xiaodong Shi

Bob Hamman
Ralph Katz

MIchael Kamil
Roy Welland

Kyle Larsen
Rose Meltzer

Michael Rosenberg
Chris Willenken

Fred Stewart                                                                                                                                                 Kit Woolsey


Cheri Bjerkan  
Rozanne Pollack 

Mildred Breed 
Marineza Letizia

Disa Eythorsdottir
Betty Ann Kennedy

Margie Gwozdzinski 
Kathy Strauch

Irina Levitina
Kerri Sanborn

Linda Lewis
Pam Wittes

Karen McCallum
Sywia McNamara

Shawn Quinn
Migry Zur Campanile

Janice Seamon-Molson
Tobi Sokolow


Date    Event      10:30/ 19:30                             Open           Women  
10th    Teams   double round robin    3×16            4 teams        4 teams
11th                                               3×16
12th                Final & playoff           3×16
13th    Pairs                                                        12 pairs         12 pairs
15th   Individual                                                 24 players  24 players
16th                       10:30/14:00
17th    Departure


                                  Total        1st    2nd    3rd     4th    5th     6th    7th       8th

Open teams            $66,000       30     18      12        6  
Open Pairs                44,000       10      8        7        5       4        3        2         1
                                                +1000 for best each session (total 4,000)
Open Individual         30,000       8       6       5         4       2 1/2   1 1/2
                                                +1000 for each best session (total 3,000)
Open total             $140,000
Women teams         $60,000      24       18      12       6
Women Pairs            30,000        8         6        5       4      2        1
                                                 +1000 for each best session (total 4,000)
Women Individual    20,000        6       4          3     2 1/2  1 1/2
                                                 +1000 for each best session (total  3,000)  
Women total         $110,000  

(METHOD OF CHOOSING OF TEAMS)  USBF BOARD TO CHOOSE NOMINEES FOR SPORTACCORD EVENT AND YOU CAN ALSO APPLY YOURSELVES.  Those finishing high (1st and 2nd in last two years’ NABC team games, etc.) are eligible to vote.

It shall be interesting to see who makes the teams.   To some (professionals who turned it down for individual personal reasons – it amounts to diddly squat compared to their regular professional fees although that was not necessarily reason for the refusals). IT DID COME AT A BAD TIME – one week after the Seattle NABCS.   To others it is both the honor and the money.    The question is who will get the nod.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with!!!!   In any event, I hope the selectees make us proud.


BETHFebruary 14th, 2011 at 11:33 am

Had no clue what you were talking about. I don’t go on the USBF site so was completely in the dark. Some famous names — some not so famous. It’ll be an interesting result when posted.

Thanks for sharing. You’re always on the ball.

JSFebruary 14th, 2011 at 4:14 pm

I thought January 31st they would be announced and then I read February 11th.

What’s the holdup?

Judy Kay-WolffFebruary 15th, 2011 at 6:12 am

RUMOR FROM GOOD SOURCE (but unofficial) says the teams

will be (OPEN):

David and Alan

Brad and Fred

Bob and Ralph

The WOMEN’S (ALREADY DECIDED WERE BETH AND LYNN) and Irina and Kerri and Janice and Tobi were added.

Certainly a team we can be proud of! Good luck to the U.S. contingent.

bobby wolffFebruary 15th, 2011 at 5:06 pm

As Gabriel Heater (news correspondent during World War II) used to occasionally start his radio show 60+ years ago: “There’s good news tonight”.

It seems there appears to be strength in quality and numbers, particularly so when very good, usually experienced bridge players, like used here to vote. as well as the Hall-of-fame electors, have something to say about choosing.

If the two slates chosen for the Sports Accord tournament this December are indeed accurate it would be difficult for anyone to argue. Although there is one completely new partnership (of the five chosen) the results come as close to feeling warm and fuzzy, especially if the best representatives are the main objective. At least to me is for our picks to be world class (or close), substantially ethical (slam dunk), and experienced enough to ward off evil spirits during the adversity which is sure to rear its head during the event.

The women partnerships who were in the running for being selected were, on a competitive basis, even more qualified than the open ones, since the two pairs to be chosen along with Beth and Lynn were pretty much the cream of the crop, both for individual prowess and for partnership experience.

Kudos are certainly in order for this particular challenge and although, I doubt seriously that our open team would be rated to finish any higher than third, they are nevertheless an able team for all of us to root for. At least, in my opinion, the womens team will be among the favorites so before I get carried away, let us all look forward to following the progress next December on BBO.

Again thanks to the electors, we had a nice, clean selection process which augers well for future selections, when need be.

CarolFebruary 15th, 2011 at 9:38 pm


It is nice to know that some elections such as choosing important teams or voting for the Hall of Fame are determined by merit, rather than influence, general politics or God forbid just money.