Judy Kay-Wolff


After Saturday’s exhausting rain-delayed flight via Chicago causing our baggage to arrive at 6 a.m. this morning, we relaxed (slept) most of the day rising only for breakfast ala room service.  Saw lots of bridge players milling around late this afternoon in the beautiful lobby of the Detroit Renaissance Marriott.  Bobby’s partner, Dan Morse, arrived a few moments ago and helped solve a major conflict.  Dinner or the Maverick’s game which run concurrently.  We found a nearby Italian restaurant within a block which has a big TV set.  Problem solved.  Off we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Incidentally, we told Dan to meet us in the lobby, but he challenged my suggestion.   “I’ll just knock on the wall,” said he, as he was assigned to the room next door.

Tomorrow – the start of the Senior Trials!!!