Judy Kay-Wolff

Day Two’s Senior Standings in Detroit

At the half-way mark (after 60 boards), here’s how the winner’s bracket (USA I) looks:   Lynch ahead of Deutsch 69/46; Schwartz (Bobby’s team) is leading Levine 69/44; O’Rourke over Kasle 68/54; and Woolsey behind Milner 79/42.   In the ‘losers’ bracket’ (USA2) Eisenstein beat Cappelli 100/47 and Kranyak won over Jacobs 85/63.   The winner of tonight’s match will join the losing four from the Winner’s Bracket and so on.   At the end of this evening, there will be nine teams still alive for the two winning USA spots, with three teams already meeting their maker.  Will keep you posted tomorrow.

I have not been following the Women’s carefully, but at this point the standings are 1.  Moss; 2. Sprung; 3. Westheimer; 4. Joel; with Mancuso (5); Bales (6); Dinkin (7) and Lewis (8).

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LIndaJune 7th, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Well done Schwartz… winning their quarterfinal match (USA 1)