Judy Kay-Wolff

My “Thank You” to Norman and all my lovely guests in attendance

Here I am – adrift on Cloud Nine

With yesterday’s memories –all so divine

You pulled the wool – right over my eyes

‘Till I heard you — shout “SURPRISE.”

‘From poetic verses – to R.S.V.P.s.

No detail omitted – Yet done with great ease

Norm made his best play — on Board Number One

Drafting Essie and Joan – to get the job done

Plus Dene and Janey – who added so much

You marveled at – their clever touch!

A labor of love – from Norm was ambitious

To make that album – replete with good wishes

From Krystal and Blake – Sue Ellen, J R.

Came photos  and greetings – signed by each star

Then Rickles and Shecky – and Carson and Hope

(The only thing missing, it seemed, was the Pope).

Thornburgh and Specter and Rizzo came through

(And even Judge Wapner – believe me – it’s true)

Name-dropping is tacky – so I won’t go on

(But did you see the note – from Nancy and Ron?)

The bridge world responded – indignant with rage

(Sure Norman had lied – concerning my age)

But nevertheless – they honored his call

(Trying to hide – their sense of appall)

Their names would fit – on a convention card

Like Truscott and Stayman – and Kaplan (his pard)

Too many to list – though mighty impressive

(Their masterpoint total – would be sooooo excessive)

Suffice it to say – I’m still walking on air

How lucky I was – to have you all there!

/S/ Judy

P.S.   Remember our date – MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1994

(P.S.S.) and damned if Norman didn’t host a 60th as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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LisaJune 18th, 2011 at 8:34 am

No doubt Norman may have been the ‘host with the most” but no question who the poet laureate was in your family. I remember your success with Keystone Follies back in the Seventies and Colonial Capers when the British came to town to celebrate the bi-centennial.

If I am not mistaken, you wrote the words and stole the lyrics from the greats —

all resulting in two dynamic original bridge shows. So, I am not surprised to see the above poem.