Judy Kay-Wolff

Friday – nearing end of afternoon session

These reports are from my room from BBO at 5:30 Veldhoven time in the middle of today’s last session.

In  the finals of the Venice Cup, Indonesia conceded to France; As of Board 22/36, USA 2 is leading France 154/130 in  the Senior Bowl; and with two additional sessions following this afternoon in the Bermuda Bowl Netherlands is leading the young USA 2 team with a score of 221/167 .  

As far as the Transnationals (a totally separate event from earlier in the week with 154 teams coming from all around the world to play – here are the standings at the moment:

After a 7 IMP penalty announced on vugraph for slow play, the Israeli Juniors are now losing to Gordon (David Berkowitz, et al). with a score of 56/48.  Parimatch is leading Oz Open 60/58.  There were 16 teams that qualified from the 154 which entered.

Incidentally, The Angellini Team which included Meckstroth/Rodwell and Fantoni and Nunes were upset by the Gordon team mentioned above.

Remember these are only midway scores as I am rushing out to dinner.