Judy Kay-Wolff


Congraulations to captain Jimmy Cayne and partner Michael Seamon, and the great Italian foursome of Lauria, Versace, Duboin and Sementa who comprised the winning team   Behind them in second were Zimmermann, Multon, Fantoni, Nunes, Helgemo and Helness.

As I followed the happenings in the event since Friday, it became evident the contestants had changed a lot in fifty years when I first started following the supreme board a match event.   In those days, it was predominantly composed of U. S. contestants and a Mexican or Canadian here and there.  It was “The Event!” As I perused the slate which was posted on Friday, I realized I recognized less names than I had known over the years.    Professionalism has drawn just about every top player from around the world to share in the money and glory of the top national attractions.   If not advised what event it was, by just going over the names, I never would have guessed as there were so few U. S. players by comparison.

Concurrently, another high powered six-session Swiss event, took place starting Friday as well.   It was amazing that so many top players who normally play in the Reisinger had entered this other big contest.  Coincidentally, it may interest you to know, this was Bobby Wolff’s brainchild (presented to the BOD by Ira Corn) back in the 1970s and vigorously passed as people wanted (shall we say) a less tough event where they had a better chance to make a good showing.   Look at this year’s BAM entries and it will prove itself as many of the very top seeds were eliminated on the first two cuts.    Lots of big names chose the Swiss v. the coveted Reisinger.   Terrific showing for the proud winners of the Keohane North American Swiss were Gloria and Les Bart, Nader Hanna and Piotr Klimkowicz!!!

Where have the years gone and why have so many experts converted to the N. A. Swiss?   Perhaps it has to do with the more challenging competition of the Reisinger because of the better systems of the foreign players who have taken a shine to the attraction of success, the big money and bright lights!

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