Judy Kay-Wolff


Jody’s kind remark about Aileen Osofsky’s tribute inspired me to go through sixty years of original babblings penned when the mood or desire moved me.   I was twice blessed with two great human beings as husbands — as well-as-top-of-the line players.   I wrote the meter below to Norman about forty-some years ago and plagiarized Rudyard Kipling, calling it “If.”  My children were two and three and he thought my place was home with them (not the Nationals).   I begged to differ as there were such things as capable nannies.


IF you were just a “rank and file”
Whose play was mediocre
Who did not know the difference
Between canasta and stud poker
IF you were just another guy
With ordinary skill
And  not one – whose great brilliance
Offered such a thrill
IF you were just a ‘player’
Who – with luck –   might guess a “queen”
Or one whom – with great efforts
Could count up to – thirteen ..
IF you were like the others
There’d be no tale to tell
There’d be no one to kibitz
There’d be no one to “kvell”
But blessed you were – with greatness
None can dispute my claim
The Master of the Pasteboards
A credit to the game
So do not think me selfish
Cause I always want to go
But I seek no greater pleasure
Than to watch your One-Man-Show

(P.S.  I won the battle and enjoyed about 145 NABCS over the course of time).

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reneMay 20th, 2012 at 11:04 pm

How clever of you to save these! But — it goes to show you how quickly time marches on and how little time we have on earth.