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Bali Hi!

Or rather “ Bally’s Hi” as we arrived last night at the Strip for five days to partake in the local Sectional teamed with some of our favorite partnerships.   We have contented ourselves for the last five years (not missing the inconvenience of the hubbub and inconvenience of air travel)  with the excitement of the Las Vegas atmosphere, living in the suburb of Summerlin (with three local casinos and wonderful restaurants and shopping facilities).   After forty-five years for me of NABCS (one after another and missing only three, I believe) it is hard to believe that Bobby and I are delighted to content ourselves with twice a week duplicates together at the terrific, hospitable Las Vegas Bridge World and I play with my friend Carol Pincus Mondays and my daughter Robin who recently moved here from California when she is free on  Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Oh, how I wish that I had some of Robin’s bridge genes very apparent in  her style –  passed on to her from my late husband, Norman Kay.    I gleaned what I could from Norman and Bobby – but it is just not the same as it being inherent.  Have to rely on good partners and with whatever “smarts” I have been blessed.  However, it’s better than nothing and much easier to be a natural player.

So I honestly  cannot say missing the Nationals for the last four and a half years has deprived me of the excitement of the game.  However, Bobby and I are going to San Francisco for the last five days where we will play in the Mixed Pairs and then he will continue on with Dan Morse in a knockout event on the weekend.  It will be so wonderful for me to see my old friends again with whom I have had to content myself with emails back and forth.

Rushing down for brunch and then on to the first event – a bracketed knockout with Carol Stewart and Paul Ivaska, with whom we play often at the tournaments.   Later ……

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CPSeptember 14th, 2012 at 12:50 am

I believe the turnout was disappointing — probably because there were so many other tournaments this weekend flooding the area. Many regulars did not show up which I found surprising. The hotel is nice and lots of dining spots (far from cheap, of course) — unless you want to saunter out of the building or go across the walkway to Paris (which is probably just as expensive).

The usual bridge facilities on the floor above the lobby in the South tower are spacious with restrooms nearby. The Las Vegas bridge administration were very gracious and the prizes were quite attractive. The directors were cordial for the most part but for some reason it did not draw as it used to! I hear they are moving one of the future tournaments to The Flamingo because the space was not available and did not coincide with our already designated schedule.

Only one more day to go. It is over on Friday (the 5th day). Before we know it, the Nationals will be here in late November and many of us will be flying to San Francisco to participate.

Back to the evening session ….