Judy Kay-Wolff

SAN FRANCISCO – Here we come!

Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, I enjoyed most of my childhood and teenage years on the East Coast. Our summers were spent in Atlantic City where the boardwalk, beach, salt air and the Piers (Steel, Hamid’s and Heinz’s) were the main attractions (long before gambling or casinos became the rage). For vacations in my high school years, my friends and I would venture to New York to catch some shows on weekends or longer trips to Cape Cod and Nantucket in the summers and Miami in the winters. I did not realize what a sheltered life I had led until 1963 when my newly betrothed Norman planned an exciting honeymoon starting at the Flamingo in Las Vegas (compliments of Stoney), then on to San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles.  I was fascinated by the street cars in SF and the movie sets in LA where Stoney also had a lot of pull and we witnessed some movies being made, including “What a Way to Go” with Gene Kelly and Shirley MacLane (and also “The Mark” with Stuart Whitman).  Oh, yes, I almost forgot — we were introduced to Phil Silvers (Sgt. Bilko) while having lunch in the cafeteria. What a hoot that experience was!

Believe it or not that was my first exposure to California but I returned to San Francisco shortly thereafter when Norman played in a Trials there.  Of course, by that time I was bitten badly by the bridge bug and for over fifty years (I’ve lost count) have visited many marvelous cities via the NABCs.  However, life in Vegas (where Bobby and I moved in 2005) is very engaging and in the last five years we have not traveled much.  But .. SF being so close by air to LV, Bobby and I plan on going there for the last five days.   I look forward to seeing so many friends of long standing and meeting others whom I have come into contact with on my blogsite.   Unfortunately, it will be a short trip and we’ll be home before we know it!  It’s four days away and can you fathom — I’m just about all packed!


JoanieNovember 23rd, 2012 at 6:09 am


I remember your honeymoon adventure like it was just yesterday and recall how enamored you were visiting the renowned cities that you have always read about but never seen. Traveling with Norman (and now Bobby) really broadened your horizons — and all because of bridge. How amazing!

Judy Kay-WolffNovember 23rd, 2012 at 6:36 am


I was about to amend my original blog just as your comment came upon the screen.

When I said we hadn’t done much traveling recently, Bobby reminded me of the Senior Teams in which I accompanied him (Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2005, Shanghai in 2007 and Veldhoven, Holland in 2011). How quickly one forgets — although I was specifically referring to the Nationals!

Yes, bridge has enhanced my domain in countless ways — not only meeting and marrying Norman and Bobby — but introducing me to countries and civilizations which were just names in books I read in school. I suppose life has gone by so quickly, it appears I have taken it all for granted. Heavens no! I am lucky in a multitude of ways — and I must confess — it all stemmed from my association with that sometimes aggravating and frustrating game of bridge that has engulfed my life for over half a decade.

For one who does not play, it is difficult to visualize or comprehend!! It is a world unto itself.

jackNovember 23rd, 2012 at 9:43 pm

Don’t forget Central Pier. Also we called it Hamid’s Million Dollar Pier. Great memories.
Enjoy the city by the bay.

Judy Kay-WolffNovember 25th, 2012 at 7:07 pm


Are you old enough to remember the skeeball alleys on the boardwalk in AC? I used to spend more time there than on the beach. Of course, after Hurricane Sandy, who knows what is left of the boardwalk in that area? Reading about the onslaught of the hurricane made me feel like I was losing an old friend. My parents used to rent an apartment there each summer from the time I was about four years old and it was a wonderful ritual to which I used to look forward. Then when we got to be teenagers, the focus was on hanging out on the boardwalk in front of the Chelsea Hotel. My girlfriends and I never missed a weekend. What super memories from eons ago!