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I was saddened (though not shocked) to learn about Jimmy’s failing health and eventual death in Marbella on January 3  at the age of 82.  I met him a few times at the New York home of his good friend, Edgar Kaplan, with whom he shared a common bond –  the love of  bridge and their joint dedication to the preservation of keeping it a ‘clean’ and honorable sport.  Years later, after marrying Bobby, I saw him more frequently at the various world bridge championships.  I will always cherish his special  two day visit to Dallas about six or seven years ago to meet with Bobby (who was about to complete his book “The Lone Wolff.”)  Jimmy confirmed the famous controversial Burgay Tapes verifying their authenticity via a good friend at the CIA.  To most devoted bridge devotees (especially in the expert class) he was revered as The Godfather of the WBF (World Bridge Federation).  Jimmy was a no-nonsense person who fought with undying love and determination to protect the game to which most of us are addicted.

Other than his involvement with bridge, I knew little of his other passion:  Golf. 

I read on the internet of his ‘vision and commitment which saw the Ryder Cup played in Continental Europe for the first time at his beloved Valderrama in 1997.’   In addition to that event, Valderrama hosted a total of 16 important European golf championships between 1988 and 2008 as well as playing two World Golf Championship Events there in 1999 and the Andalucia Masters in 2010 and 2011.

The worlds of Bridge and Golf have lost a devoted supporter!

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LarryJanuary 8th, 2013 at 2:46 am

Thanks Judy for the announcement and personal remembrances of Mr. Ortiz-Patino.

I was able to buy his most recent book on the history of the WBF from the e-cats.com site: