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Once again, in a long, long overdue effort to sort out boxes upon boxes of worthless junk as well as priceless hoarded memories, I began to sift through (or rather plough through) over three dozen containers bearing fading labels identifying the contents.    Much of it could be trashed, but being a Grand Master in the Bridge Packrat category, I lugged three mammoth boxes of photographs onto my kitchen table (which doesn’t serve much of a  purpose these days anyway).   Ninety percent of them are photographs recalling the legends of old and when my daughter teaches me how to attach photos to my computer, I will share them with you. Hopefully, it will be within the week.

Most are of Norman and his cronies and I found some of Bobby & Company in his days before, during and after the Aces as well as the Sharif Bridge Tour which I witnessed in Philly.  However, since I am unable to transfer my photo gallery to this site at the present time, I wanted to share what I found on a torn and battered “Fun Card” (similar to a huge postcard designed to be sent through the mails) and hope it will not offend anyone:

The following will bear witness as to how most non-bridge players view our entourage  The caption (in large orange print) questions ‘WHAT’S THIS WORLD COMING TO” with a sketch of a woman reminiscent of Aunt Jemimah (whom many of you old fogeys will recall):

Yes’m   Ah quit dat job.  Dat were de mos’ ridiculos place I’se ebber been in!

Dey played a game called bridge,  an’ las’ night dere was lots o’fellas an’ gals dere.   Jes’ as ah was fixin’ to serve ‘freshments ah heahs dis man say to a  woman “take yo’  hands off mah trick!”

Ah jes neah drapped daid, bless mah bones, ah heahs annudder man say, “you sure got a nice bust!”

Den annuder man say, “Lay down an’ let me see what you got!”

Den dis udder woman say “you jumped me twice when you didn’t have stuff enuff  fo’  one good raise.”

‘An den some woman say somep’n ‘bout “coverin’ her honor.”

Well, ah jist ups ‘an gits mah hat ‘cause ah knowed dat ain’t no fitting place fo’ me, an’ just’ as ah was leavin,’ ah hope to die ef dis woman didnd’t say, “Well ah guess we’ll stop now, as dis is mah las’ rubber.
and den – doggone ef she didn’t say, “lay down yo dummy ‘en let me play on it!”

No Ma’am, ah’s a lady an’ ah jes’ couldn’t stay there!  

I recall my hysteria reading it the first time – but I guarantee you it tickled my funny bone as much just today.


AlanJune 1st, 2013 at 7:48 pm

Pretty funny! How could anyone take offense?
Never really gave it much thought, but a bridge player’s jargon to a “regular, normal” person has a creed of its own.

Looking forward to the old photos!

Judy Kay-WolffJune 1st, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Yes, Alan — bridge players are ‘unto themselves.” As mentioned before, my mother always told her friends that I beloved to a traveling circus alluding to our weekly sectionals and regionals. If you don’t play, I suppose the “obsession” is difficult to fathom.

Bill CubleyJune 2nd, 2013 at 7:45 pm

It all started with the bidding principle of “forcing one over one.”

Judy Kay-WolffJune 2nd, 2013 at 8:12 pm

You’re showing your age, Bill. That was a long, long time ago!