Judy Kay-Wolff

The Current ACBL Monthly Bulletin

In simple language, they are getting better and better by the issue — a far cry from the ones when I first entered the scene which proves indelibly how time marches on.  That observation is coming from one who is hardly a compulsive, avid reader and only adhered to mandatory reading in both high school and college.  I must confess (and I always joke about it) the last book I read in its entirety many moons ago was Forever Amber

When the monthly ACBL Bulletin appeared in my mailbox, I scooped it up with my other mail and began to glimpse through it — checking out Brent Manley’s Viewpoint, Letters to the Editor (with responses), Upcoming NABCS (not that we attend them anymore), Life Master Milestones, my favorites columnists’ monthly contributions which are growing in number — and last, but not least, the Obits.  I single out that page because recently more and more of my peers are getting their names in lights (unfortunately in a posthumous fashion).

What caught my eye were the opening few pages where the featured articles were plastered in bold print, with page numbers and all photos accompanying them were in technicolor   It was a traditional eye catcher.  On the opposite page besides the Table of Contents appeared fifteen small black and white photos of the glib-tongued "contributors" — captioning the original column titles as well as the pages on which they appear.   The distinct categories were listed (including page identification) which pointed you to Columns, Departments, Interactive Features, Masterpoints, Calendars and "Passings."  “Passings”?  How delicate!

The subject articles, replete in most cases with colored photographs, are very provocative.  If you can’t find an affordable cruise to enjoy, blame no one but yourself!  There are detailed enticing full color advertisements which can’t avoid catching one’s eye.  These lovely ads of bridge water journeys include just about every cruise line available with dates, sites, host experts and (sometimes) prices but an 800 number is provided if you are serious about wanting more specific information.  In fact, Bobby was approached about the possibility of hosting one as he has done on numerous occasions in the past.  However, it wasn’t workable, but I am still entertaining the thought as there are only so many duplicate clubs and casinos in Vegas and a change of venue might be good at our tender ages.  And, would you believe, though I have been all over the world for bridge championships — never been on a cruise!

And now –  where do we direct the credit?  Obviously .. to my old friends (Editor in Chief Brent Manley and Managing Editor Paul Linxweiler) whom it seems I have known forever (or longer) who are probably first and foremost responsible for this fantastic upgrading of our monthly delivery.  I am certain the Associate Editor (Sue Monday) and the Graphic Design/Layout Coordinator (Cindy Hill) whose names I recognize but do not know personally played a major role in making it all happen.    And, to the many others who have silent roles in its production and distribution — we thank you. 


Jane AAugust 4th, 2013 at 11:06 pm

Hi Judy,

One of the reasons I stay a member of the ACBL is because of the magazine. I read it cover to cover and always learn something from the bridge hands presented and the contributors who do such a good job with their presentations of various topics. I like all the contributors but especially enjoy Mark Horton, Eddie Kantar, and Frank Stewart.

The new lay out is different, but I had no complaints with the old lay out either. I have always thought it was a great publication for the bridge world. Change is good however, so whatever works. Just keep sending my magazine.

Thanks also for informing your readers about the efforts that the Rubins are making to get those room rates down for our tournaments. We have always enjoyed low rates here in Las Vegas, and even with the increase, they are still decent for a major city, but we are all spoiled. I hope lots of people come in September, January and March. It is still Vegas, baby. Lots of great bridge and other fun stuff to do as well.

Judy Kay-WolffAugust 5th, 2013 at 1:42 am

Hi JaneA:

Yes, the Bridge Bulletin is very educational. I am guilty, however, of previously skimming through it and not reading it from cover to cover. I am going to make an effort to devote more time to it –especially the bridge columnists. I spend so many hours on my computer with blogs and my new Ipad which I just love. Many of my hours are consumed by the internet and I still stay in touch with dozens (yes, dozens) of my friends from Philly. Although we are here eight years (and I consider myself a Las Vegan) — it is still pleasurable to keep tabs on longtime friends and students from the seventies.

Most of my time is spent with blogging, playing bridge (and also blackjack where I am still holding my own). This afternoon was a great departure from our regular routine. I saw that Debbie Reynolds was appearing at our nearby casino and I got tickets. She was absolutely fantastic and hard to believe she is past eighty. She was probably before your time but when I see you I will tell you about it. A change of pace is always refreshing for me but I usually find excuses to put it on the back burner.



Herreman RobertAugust 14th, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Indeed good work by the Bulletin Team.

Judy Kay-WolffAugust 14th, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Hi HR:

I think the change to its present status happened so gradually that I never really noticed until I picked up the August Bulletin. I was so overwhelmed that I felt compelled to blog about it. I am sure it is a concerted effort with a lot of supportive worker bees, but realizing how comprehensive it is, causes me to stand back in amazement.