Judy Kay-Wolff

Do Yourself A Big Favor and …

check out the latest of Howard Bigot-Johnson’s articles by seeking out his site below under “Other Bridge-Related Articles.”  His column is realistically entitled The Bizarre World of Bridge.  HBJ’s latest is tagged “Committee Matters:  Openness v. Secrecy” 

In my eyes, his sardonic and unparalleled clever sense of humor suggests the proverbial “kidding on the level.”  He is one of the most brilliant, creative writers in the bridge world (both then and now) and though this topical blog is the first serious one that I am aware of, it is well worth reading.   He is a gentleman who really cares about the game and its future.  His theme is not about ‘me, me, me.’  It embarks upon the personal, selfish considerations of the individuals at the helm as opposed to the long range effects and influences on the future of bridge.  HBJ’s earlier articles which contain unfathomably creative plays on words and names are hilarious and extremely entertaining.  What a talent!


Bobby WolffOctober 11th, 2013 at 4:43 pm

Agree with Judy since John Howard Gibson, AKA Howard Bigot Johnson, has worked tirelessly to improve bridge, its ethicality, and above all bridge administration associated with appeals committees and the running of bridge clubs, to establish equity in rulings by so interpreting bridge laws to restore the status quo, if possible, and sublimate awarding windfall results to non-offenders, but in actuality, punish would be malicious offenders to make them think twice before trying to take advantage in the way of “win at all cost” behavior, sometimes positively influencing marginal committee members (or non-confident TD’s) into making wrong appear right.

AlexisOctober 11th, 2013 at 10:29 pm

Thanks for recommending HBJ’s site. I am a fan. What a great read. Ahhh…If only more would think like Howard, the bridge world would be a better place. Keep spreading the word.