Judy Kay-Wolff


I have received so many calls from old friends and acquaintances advising they plan on attending our January Regional at Bally’s.  The tournament is not regularly held at this time of year, but because of the upcoming NABC scheduled for Summer 2014, the District rearranged the date, moving it up to January 20th to the 26th. Bobby and I have only been playing locally for the last five years (with the exception of the San Francisco National in 2012) so we look forward to seeing both new and long lost friends with whom we have lost touch except for the internet.

The return to Bally’s has seen the emergence of some radical changes .. but all for the better.  Mainly due to the non-stop efforts of Co-Chairs Jane and Bruce Rubin and their fantastic staff, the bridge rate has been reduced (Monday -Thursday $69.00 and on the weekend $109.00).  Also available are upscale rooms ($119 – $159 respectively).   Though the upgrades are enticing, it isn’t worth it to us since the majority of our stay will be devoted to playing bridge mornings, afternoons and evenings, testing our fortune at the casino and enjoying countless close by eateries.  An added feature is the proximity of other hotels without the necessity of venturing outside.  Bally’s is conveniently attached to The Paris and offers a multitude of restaurants throughout the huge complex.  Bally’s Steakhouse is the signature attraction — a bit pricy — but cannot be beat for their cuisine and elegance .. and always packed .. so a reservation is suggested.  We celebrated our tenth anniversary there Saturday evening and it was truly a night to remember.

A short walk from the main lobby to the escalator will offer more casual dining (ala Johnny Rockets, et al) and a comprehensive Sports Book.  Regarding those who enjoy gambling, we found that unlike the majority of other hotels/casinos — Bally’s offers a unique Blackjack variety called "Switch" which is our personal favorite.  Tons of fun, much intrigue and lots of action.  Just don’t check your brains at the door!

If you have not already booked a reservation, be sure to call 1-800-358-8777 and give them the ACBL Bridge Code (SBACB4).   It will enable you to take advantage of the bridge rate (a huge savings) and avoid the Resort Fee.  However, this special accommodation to bridge players will only be available until January 6th  –  so don’t miss the cutoff date.

We eagerly await our trip to Bally’s.   Yes, despite a short daily commute of twenty minutes from our suburban homestead, we have opted for the high road and booked ourselves into the hotel for the entire week.  Growing old has its rewards and nothing beats pampering.  You only live once.


JoanieDecember 13th, 2013 at 3:07 pm

What an enticing come-on to attend the regional. Obviously LV has so much to offer .. bridgewise and on so many other fronts. Everything (yes, everything) is affected by the awful economy but with all types of airline deals and the reduced rates, it should serve as an incentive (not a deterrent). I know several friends who have been booked for a while and are excited at the prospect of returning to Vegas. Besides, it sure beats East Coast weather.

See ‘ya.

Judy Kay-WolffDecember 13th, 2013 at 3:21 pm


Thanks for writing. I think living here makes you take this fun city for granted. It is super for both residents and visitors — especially bridge players. Even if you have a spouse or S. O. who does not partake in our game, the other fun opportunities (including the nightlife) is second to none. Restaurants have all sorts of deals and of course, to those who visit the casino tables, the hotel (especially Bally’s) shows its appreciation by offering comps. Every time I attend a tournament at Bally’s, I discover another venue which I enjoy and the indoor facility of traveling from one hotel to another (or a walkway above the street level with traffic avoidance) cannot be beat — especially in mid-winter.

I personally can’t wait as I always enjoy our stay at Bally’s and am counting the days (less strenuous than counting the suits)!



ScottDecember 14th, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Wow! Judy, you would have made a good sales woman. I am booking my reservation right now.

Does your husband still do lectures at the tournaments? I really enjoy attending his lectures. Always an interesting topic and easy to understand even though it is usually geared to the more experienced players.

Judy Kay-WolffDecember 14th, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Hi Scott:

Welcome to the site. I suspect you are a newcomer — but delighted to have you join the throng. Do stop by and introduce yourself if you know us by sight .. or have someone point us out. I might be a good saleswoman — but I hereby appoint you as my exclusive booking agent.

As far as lectures, Bobby has transferred from the open forum to presenting educational bridge hands for the Daily Bulletins. His collection of diversified hands was very well received at the last Regional and he has been ‘pressed into action’ for a repeat performance.
His pleasure!