Judy Kay-Wolff

Besides the bridge in Detroit …

I would be remiss if we overlooked reporting the fabulous food and warm hospitality provided for the contestants and their companions.    The room is open from eight a.m. till midnight so you can partake in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, pastries, hot and cold drinks.   Their is a welcome aura and the reigning (but retiring) hostess/worker bee is Nadine Wood (with Detroit’s own Sandy and Bill Arlinghaus doing a bang-up job in advance of Nadine’s arrival and still on duty).   Besides the comfort of the spacious huge double rooms, there are several long sofas, chairs, tables and two large television sets at either end where you can watch one of the BBO matches in living color.   Most people take refuge there between rounds and there is always something good to nosh on or an exciting match to view and lots of bridge conversation, to say the least.

Detroit hospitality at its finest – because of the generosity and courtesy of the Michigan Bridge Unit and USBF!   All of us here appreciate the pains taken to have such a lovely suite available and making everyone feel so welcome.   Thank you.

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CAROLJune 8th, 2011 at 6:57 pm

It sounds like it is worth coming just for the food. Seriously, how is Bobby’s team doing? I hope he’s right up there. I know you wanna see those windmills up close in Holland this year.

Go get ’em!