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will be determined tomorrow when Lynch (who beat Milner 127/93) will play Schwartz (who bested O’Rourke (143/109).   The Women’s match up will be Moss (who won over Joel 92/86) against Sprung who beat Westheimer (127/119)–  both really close matches.   We left before the two winners from the round robin for USA 2 was determined who will joining the losing semi-finalists of today to determine SENIORS USA 2.  The same format will be used for the Women to determine Women’s USA 2.

The directors and USBF staff are to be commended for the efficient operation of this event despite the gigantic physical areas (two floors) used most of the time.    Tomorrow will be condensed and begin at 11 o’clock on the 66th floor.    Should be much easier to find your nook and cranny tomorrow as the field has been quite narrowed down.   Good luck to all.  

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Judy Kay-WolffJune 9th, 2011 at 5:44 am

Just learned that the two Senior teams who made it back into the losers bracket playoff to fight it out for SENIOR USA 2 are Kasle and Woolsey — two very formidable teams.

By today, we will have a winner for USA 1 BOTH SENIORS and WOMEN.

It has been a very exhausting five days for me even though I rented a scooter to navigate but I must own up to it, if Bobby’s team would happen to win the final outright I would be a very happy camper and leave tomorrow. We shall see!

Later ….